Good Morning Angels: Saving baby Renesmé's heart

Good Morning Angels: Saving baby Renesmé's heart

Imagine being given a consent form to let your two-week-old baby die. 

GMA 20 May

BACKGROUND: Imagine being given a consent form, to let your two-week-old baby die. That’s what happened last week to Anton and Tiffany Rossouw, who also have a healthy 2-year old son, Brain. They were told their little angel Renesmé’s heart is too broken to fix and that all medication and life support will be stopped. Renesmé’s gran, Beatrice with the help of the mother of a little girl who had the same heart condition, Diana Becker jumped into action. A number of angels, including the medical aid, came together and baby Renesmé was transferred to the Sunninghill Hospital NICU. She weighs less than 2kg’s and needs to build up strength and weight, but the doctors there believe they will be able to operate on her tiny heart by next week. There is hope.

Beatrice sold her car and Diana’s help managed to raise R160 000,00 for the added medical expenses that are not covered by the medical aid, but they have no idea if this will be enough.

For now, the focus for her family, doctors, and supporters are on saving baby Renesmé’s life. 

They are keeping life and limb together despite the added pressure and loss of income during the lockdown.  

REQUEST FOR: Baby Renesmé from Benoni 


REQUEST FROM: Diana Becker, mom of 4-year old Dianné, who had the same heart condition 


ANGEL: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC 


SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist the family with R 20 000,00 in AngelRands for food and essentials during this difficult time. The GMA fund will also contribute R30 000,00 to Renesmé’s medical expenses. That’s a total donation of R 50 000,00


FOLLOW RENESMé’s progress:


You can follow baby Renesmé’s progress and any fund updates on Facebook: "A little help 4 a little heart”


Goeie middag Angels,

Ons het uiteindelik vir Baba Renesmé in Sunninghill Hospitaal gekry, sy is per ambulans op 16 Mei daarheen vervoer. Bonitas Mediese fonds het vir haar R500 000.00 compassionate benefit gegee op haar Oupa en Ouma se naam.  Aangesien die operasie wat sy benodig baie ernstig is en kan veroorsaak dat sy baie lank in NICU gaan moet wees, is ons bevrees dat daar by-betalings en extra kostes verbonde gaan wees.  Jaques Van Rensburg het my baie gehelp. Hy het aan die dame by die fonds 'n mondelinge aansoek gedoen om volle dekking te bied. Ongelukkig het ons nog nie terugvoering gekry nie. Op hierdie stadium is die totale fondse wat ingesamel is direk deur die familie na my Trust oorbetaal sodat alles in een rekening is. Ons wag vir Jaques Van Rensburg se prokureer om n spesifieke trust vir Renesmé oop te maak sodat ek die R160 000.00 daarin kan sit. Ons moet vir Bonitas 3 maande Premie betaal uit die fonds asook vir die ouers koste dekking vir transport van die Ooste van JHB na Sunninghill op n daaglikse basis.Ek is baie baie bly dat my dogtertjie se kardioloog, Dr. Kenny Govendrageloo ook Renesmé se kardioloog is, hy is fantasties.  

Groete, Diana Becker


As most of you know, Jaco and I are in Jhb as we speak as we had Dianné's cardiology check-up yesterday. We were about to return to JHB when another Heart Warriors mommy reached out to me. A new member of us Heart mom's beautiful Renesmé was diagnosed with Pulmonary atresia with hypoplastic pulmonary arteries with no main pulmonary artery. Dentrical PDA and balanced ventricles with a ventriculo-sepal defect. 

She needs SURGERY ASAP. Currently, little Renesmé is in a General Public  Hospital in JHB. The family has just been informed that they will not be able to operate as her life expectancy is almost nil according to them and she will have to be moved to a different hospital as they have no beds left ;(  I have been directly in touch with little Renesme's family this morning 9 May 2020 as well as the Hospital where she is now... WE NEED TO MOVE FAST.

I immediately got in touch with The Maboneng Heart & Lung Institute at Sunninghill Hospital and Dianne's Cardiologist and Cardio-thoracic surgeon. They have 100% hope that they can save her life. They offered that they (2 x Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons and the Anethesist will conduct the entire surgery FREE OF CHARGE) at Netcare Sunninghill Hospital. We only have to pay for the Hospital stay, Theatre time and Radiology, and Pathology and ICU. 

TOTAL NEEDED: R500 000.00



I am working in close relation directly with The Maboneng Heart & Lung Institute.


Diana Becker 

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