Good Morning Angels: A third operation for two-year-old Bailey to walk, run and play

Good Morning Angels: A third operation for two-year-old Bailey to walk, run and play

Bailey is a feisty, bright, and lively little girl- who wants to play with her siblings.  

GMA Festive edition 7 December
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BACKGROUND: Two-year old Bailey Tumber from Baberton in Mpumalanga is the third and youngest child of Hugo and Candice Tumber. She has a seven year old sister, Demi-Jade and a 4-year old brother, Ross. Soon after her birth, Bailey was diagnosed with club feet and only later with Spina Bifida. She was initially treated in a state hospital in Pretoria. Candice resigned from her job as the regular trips to Pretoria and Bailey’s care took up most of her time. In her short little life, Bailey has had two successful operations to straighten her feet. Despite her physical challenges, Bailey is a feisty, bright and lively little girl- who wants to play with her siblings, like her siblings. To enable more mobility, Bailey’s third operation has been scheduled for Friday, to straighten her hip. Due to all the constant treatment, the family’s medical aid is maxed out. They’ve raised R20 000 for the operation, but they are still short of R35 000. That’s why a family friend, Sheila Reddy reached out to Good Morning Angels. 

REQUEST FOR: Two-year-old Bailey Tumber from Baberton 

REQUEST FROM: Sheila Reddy 

ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper, MD of our fabulous Festive sponsors, Roman’s Pizza   

SPONSORING: Roman’s Pizza will assist Bailey and her parents with the R35 000 still outstanding for her operation scheduled for Friday

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Dear Angels

I would like to introduce you to my friends baby girl named Bailey Emelda Harriet Tumber, she is 2year old and suffers from Spinal Bifida, Club Feet and Hip Dysplasia.

Bailey’s Family: Head of the house, Hugon Tumber (39)  Mother of the house –  Candice Tumber (35). Other children in the house –  Demi-Jade (7) Ross (4) 

Bailey’s Birth – Born into the Tumber family from a little town called Barberton in Mpumalanga on 13 January 2018, upon birth she was diagnosed with Caudal Regression Syndrome and ClubFeet.

Journey – with the devastating news and heavy hearts of the unforeseen news, their journey into the unknown was about to begin. Candice resorted to becoming a full time stay at home mother in order to take care of Bailey. This decision forced Hugon to become the sole breadwinner within the household. Being the God-fearing people that they are, they believed and entrusted their journey unto the Lord. With His grace and mercy, they will overcome whatever challenge they would have to face. Financially they knew it's going to be hard, however nothing was going to stand in their way to seek treatment for bailey. The road ahead will be straining and exhausting. Neither of them was prepared to give up.

Treatment – Bailey started her treatment at Steve Biko, for 5 months. Bailey and her mother travelled back and forth between provinces Mpumalanga and Gauteng on a weekly basis. During this time Bailey received ponsetti casting which then led to her first ever tenotomy operation which was successful. However, the process started taking a toll on her siblings as Candice was always away from home the family was forced to seek an alternative way to have Baileys treatment and her sibling happy all at once. So, they opted to try a medical aid, the solution works out perfect for the children yet even more straining on Hugon as the cost has increased.  

Medical Aid Treatment – currently at Medi Clinic, here she went under a series of tests again and they discovered that Bailey was falsely diagnosed previously. The doctors have confirmed that Bailey's current condition is Spina Bifida, Club Feet and Hip Dysplasia. Bailey is now being treated; accordingly, she has been for her second tenotomy operation which was a success and has received her necessary equipment to support her back.

However Bailey is due for a Hip Dysplasia operation which is called a closed reduction, this procedure will allow the doctors to push her hip bone which is sticking out at her in place, and hopefully be able to walk. The medical aid is currently exhausted and there are no funds available for this procedure and many more procedures to follow.

 Reason for writing:  I have been a friend of the family for many years, I am part of #TeamBailey which was formed amongst the family and friends. Watching Bailey’s progress has brought a new meaning to life, just to notice her carefree spirit and never give up attitude. She is not just a pretty princess in our eyes she is a warrior princess set out to defy all odds. Bailey has learnt to stand, crawl and now trying to walk with her condition, where limits were set at her birth we were thought never to be defined by our limitations of life. She taught us that by Faith we will go forth and no matter the circumstance our faith will see us through.

Angels Our Warrior Princess seeks our help and yours in order for her to have her operation, please can you assist us in any way possible to help Bailey achieve becoming a true warrior for other little children who face these conditions.

Your assistance and efforts will be much appreciated and worth every minute. 


Sheila Reddy 

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