Good Morning Angels: From the Ukraine to their forever home in Cape Town

Good Morning Angels: From the Ukraine to their forever home in Cape Town

Ubuntu means "I am, because you are". This is exactly the spirit of the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary.

Ubuntu GMA
Source: Jacaranda FM

BACKGROUND: It exists to create a safe space and second chance for wildlife saved from captivity all over the world. In November 2019, Good Morning Angels helped to relocate five lion cubs, rescued from captivity in appalling conditions in the Ukraine, to Ubuntu. Under the care of Jurg Olsen and the Ubuntu team, the Ukraine 5 have regained their strength and spirit, have grown, and are thriving in their new environment. Ubuntu is also home to another seven lions and two tigers that have all been rescued from captivity and abuse overseas. 

But now, Ubuntu itself has to relocate. The sanctuary received notice to vacate the land they’ve been leasing early last year, as the land owners decided to return to their hunting business. An investor, who believes in Ubuntu’s passion to preserve, rather than exploit defenceless animals, bought 1,650 hectares of land in the Oudtshoorn area of the Western Cape. The land borders a Cape Nature Reserve which makes it a perfect permanent home for a wildlife sanctuary. Construction of the camps for the lions and tigers has been completed - and the final hurdle is the trek from Groot Marico to Oudshoorn.

As a non-profit and self-funded wildlife haven, Ubuntu has come this far, but they need help with the trek to their forever home - and that’s why Ubuntu contacted Good Morning Angels.

REQUEST FOR: Jurg Olsen, founder and director of Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary 

ALSO Please Call: Dr Peter Caldwell, world renowned wildlife veterinarian 

REQUEST FROM: Jill Watson 

Watch how Jurg receive the good news this morning! 

More background:

It’s impossible to not be in awe of an African Lion - the king of the wild. However, for many years, authorities in South Africa and her neighbours have been criticised for not doing enough to preserve and protect one of the continent’s most treasured natural gifts - even worse, for allowing the abuse of lions and other wildlife through canned hunting and farming. In a leap towards the banning of these practices, the South African Cabinet earlier this month endorsed a report calling for the end of captive lion hunting, lion farming, cub-petting and the commercial farming of rhinos. There is still a long road ahead for this to become law, but those in the know see this as a very positive move to restore the dignity and balance in the wildlife and hunting sector. Environment Minister, Barbara Creecy believes that implementing the recommendations of the report, would result in the protection and enhancement of South Africa’s international reputation, repositioning the country as a competitive destination of choice for ecotourism and responsible hunting.

Image credit: Jacaranda FM

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