Hanco performs ‘She’s So High’ on Friday Live

Hanco performs ‘She’s So High’ on Friday Live

Hanco released his brand new English album, 'Echo', last year. 

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The singer performed and wrote music throughout his childhood and began leaving his mark with a unique voice and catchy songwriting ability.

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After high school, Hanco attended SAMI, the South African Music Institute, where he specialised in songwriting, piano, and music theory. In early 2018, whilst enrolled at SAMI, Hanco signed a worldwide record deal with The David Gresham Record Company.

Hanco, 23, subsequently went on to release his debut EP, 'Hou Vas', which saw him garner a 'Newcomer of the Year' nomination and rack up over half-a-million streams, setting him on the road to a full-time career in the music industry.

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‘Echo’, ‘Hope’, ‘Tequila Girl’, and ‘Lucky’ are a few of the standout tracks off Hanco’s debut English album. The album also sees the production and artistic collaborations with world-renowned DJs REGI and Mark Stent. 

The singer performed 'She’s So High’ on Breakfast with Martin Bester - and it’s the perfect soundtrack to get you ready for the weekend! 

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