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Herbal blend: Forensic specialist exposes what is in the drug kids are taking

The SAPS forensic science laboratory sheds light on the ‘new’ dangerous drugs.

Colonel Marais talks dangerous drugs
Colonel Marais talks dangerous drugs/Breakfast with Martin Bester

Colonel Marais from the SAPS forensic science laboratory joins Martin Bester in studio after a few videos have gone viral showing teenagers from Pretoria West, still in their school uniform, in a serious condition. 

The pupils were rushed to a hospital and treated for symptoms including seizures, psychosis, nausea, vomiting, and hallucinations. The substance is known as herbal blend, puff or blazing. 

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The herbal blend has a lot of names admits Colonel Marias. “Essentially what they are is cannabis with compounds in it. The synthetic version of these chemicals which are designed to get a stronger effect than the ‘original’ substance. It is presented in a smokable form. Designer drugs are designed for stronger effects.”

Martin Bester had a lot of questions. What is in the drug? Where are people gaining access to these drugs and what is the most common street drug at the moment?

Listen to Colonel Marais revealing details to Martin Bester here: 

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