Vaping becoming a problem in South African schools

Vaping becoming a problem in South African schools

New reports show that more than 25% of matric pupils are vaping!


According to a preliminary report by the University of Cape Town, more than 25% of matric pupils have been found to be vaping due to high levels of stress. 

The number of pupils who vape has been rising rapidly since a survey found that only 2.9% of teens between 15-19 were vaping back in 2016. 

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According to News24, Professor Richard van Zyl-Smit, a pulmonologist at Groote Schuur Hospital and UCT, claimed that it is still unknown why students have taken a liking to vaping, but it seems to be a "popular fashionable trend".

Some studies suggest that many students start because of friends and family members who vape and to "help with stress". 

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In addition, pupils of all ages, as well as many adults, also saw increased numbers in vaping activities. 

"We need to stop advertising to minors and ban sales to under-18s. This is a start; it will not solve the problem, but will help," Van Zyl-Smit said.

Watch here for more studies on vaping:

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