EMS spokesperson apologises for paramedic's stabbing

EMS spokesperson apologises for paramedic's stabbing

On Monday, a video went viral after medics started arguing and one was stabbed by a colleague.

Ambulance ambush Netwerk24 Video
Netwerk24 Video

Taxis recently collided on the R55 towards Tamboti Road in Johannesburg. Several people were injured. 

While paramedics were treating the wounded, two other medics from another company started arguing. 

One medic went to the response car and came back with a knife. The one stabbed the other medic with the knife.

Robert Mulaudzi, EMS spokesperson, said: "I don't belong to the organisation but I believe that I have a responsibility to apologise to listeners.

"This is a criminal act and we cannot work like that. When there is an emergency there must be a number of help on the scene. We normally find a way to assist with help - and we work together." 

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Martin Bester wanted to know who is monitoring the emergency personnel? 

"Yes, I think maybe we must monitor the medics, but in this case, it was just two individuals," Mulaudzi added.

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