If you are a woman, don't let this happen to you in traffic

If you are a woman, don't let this happen to you in traffic

Women have to be extra careful in the traffic when they drive with their windows open. 

Weave snatching
Weave snatching/Twitter screenshot

There are certain things women like to do after a long day. Get into comfortable clothes and enjoy the last few hours of the day.


However, thieves in South Africa realised it is a lucrative market when they snatch women’s weaves. It has become so blatant that they even do it in the traffic!

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A video surfaced of a woman driving a reddish vehicle. It appears that she is stuck in traffic. A man can be seen coming from the side of the car, snatching the wig without any effort and ran away.

Siwe, whose wig was stolen last year explained how it happened to her in Johannesburg,’ I was waiting for my sister by the taxi rank with my baby brother. A guy that was passing by pulled my wig. Everything happened so fast. Someone that saw everything from afar’. 

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Liesl Laurie said on Breakfast with Martin Bester that the expensive and quality weaves can start at R11 000! 

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