Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund: Magau Community Project

Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund: Magau Community Project

The Magau Community Project receives R12,500 in AngelRands from the Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund.

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BACKGROUND: Kagiso Media, owners of Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio, have put together the KM Hunger Relief Fund to assist communities in need during the drawn-out Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa. The most basic need remains food. Over the next two weeks, Jacaranda FM will give a platform to four organisations per day, who actively work within afflicted communities to feed the thousands of families who currently cannot earn a living. We want to know who these community Angels are and how our listener community can assist them. Jacaranda FM will also equally distribute R500,000 from the Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund to these organisations in the form of AngelRands.

We will publish the details of each organisation on www.jacarandafm.com so you can contact them and donate directly to assist the essential work they do. 

Magau Community Project: R12,500 in AngelRands from the KM Hunger Relief Fund

MAGAU COMMUNITY PROJECT is a registered non-profit organisation since 15th February 2005. The organisation started in 2003 with 28 volunteers and 300 orphaned and vulnerable children. We established the organisation because there were many orphans and vulnerable children who were under the influence of substance abuse and exposure to crime, disabled people who were not looked after, terminally ill people, and people living with HIV/AIDS who didn’t have the proper care. Also, there were many senior citizens with a high rate of unemployment around our community. Due to Covid-19, we struggle to service our beneficiaries. We lack funding to help our community with food parcels because most of them are unemployed. We have two centers, one at the RDP houses and the other in the Saulsville squatter camp. We are currently feeding 380 children and their families and we care for 80 elderly, terminally-ill patients who need home-based care. 

You can donate: Banking Details

Name:   Magau Community Project 

Bank:   FNB

Account:  62730272622

Branch: Attlyn Mall

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