Kurt Darren’s children meet adventurous Peppa Pig

Kurt Darren’s children meet adventurous Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig has become incredibly popular among the young ones, even Kurt Darren’s children!

Peppa Breakfast 1
Breakfast with Martin Bester

Today, the adorable pig, who usually has adventures with her friends and family, visited Martin Bester on Breakfast.

Children and parents arrived at the studio and little did they know they would be meeting Peppa Pig herself. The young ones were ecstatic when they saw Peppa Pig in real life. Some couldn’t believe it and literally burst out in tears.

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Not only were the children surprised by Peppa Pig, but Kurt Darren and his wife Dunay woke up at the crack of dawn to let Kyrah en Kade join in on the fun.

Kurt Darren Peppa Pig
Breakfast with Martin Bester

Peppa Pig didn't shy away from the microphone and had a lovely chat with Martin Bester.

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