Leopard sneaks up and attacks woman

Leopard sneaks up and attacks woman

Have you seen this video? 

leopard attacks woman
Source: YouTube/The Indian Express

Some things sound like a made-up story, but this definitely happened!

A woman was sitting outside her house in Aaret Milk Colony in Mumbai on Wednesday when a leopard appeared out of the bushes and attempted to attack her.

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In a fortunate turn of events, the granny had her walking stick with her and fought off the wild animal successfully. 

Luckily for her, CCTV footage caught the entire incident otherwise it would be very hard to believe!

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According to The Indian Express, the attacks are being carried out by a two-year-old leopardess and a four-year-old boy was dragged by a leopard while he was playing outside his house.  

The report said, "A resident, Sunil Mishra, and boy’s uncle rushed to his rescue. As Mishra chased the leopard, it dropped the child in the bushes. The child suffered injuries to his back and head."

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