Lockdown babies: New wave of joy for parents

Lockdown babies: New wave of joy for parents

For new and expectant parents, the lockdown changed the way they experienced pregnancy, birth, and becoming parents. 

lockdown baby
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The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way South Africa and the world operates in many ways.

Having a baby should be a positive experience, even during a pandemic, but some parents did not have the ‘traditional’ hospital experience. 

Martin Bester spoke to a few new parents to hear how they experienced having a baby in the house and raising a baby without family visiting or doing activities outside. 

A few parents shared their experiences, including a good friend to Breakfast with Martin Bester, Megan Harrington-Johnson. She is an attorney from HJW in Johannesburg. HJW Attorneys was recognised as one of Africa’s Leading Boutique Law Firms.

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Harrington-Johnson gave birth during lockdown to beautiful Mackenzie!  We wish Megan, Bronson, and Mackenzie good health! 

Megan Harrington-Johnson birth
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Nicola and Byron welcomed baby Valentina at the end of December! 

New born baby Valentina
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Did you welcome a baby during lockdown in South Africa?

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