LOOK: Strange trail of lights spotted in West Rand sky

LOOK: Strange trail of lights spotted in West Rand sky

Gauteng residents were sent into a frenzy after a strange trail of lights lit up the sky in the West Rand!

Starlink Lights
Twitter/ @RAEFOSnet

Residents in the West Rand of Johannesburg came across a strange light in the sky on Monday, 29 August. 

This sent social media users and Gauteng residents into a frenzy, with many conspiracies making their rounds. 

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There is, however, an explanation for the lights in the sky.

Those lights were Starlink satellites launched by Elon Musk's spacecraft engineering company, Space-X.

According to reports, the satellites are expected to disperse as they go into higher orbit over the next few days.

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These lights were allegedly seen worldwide, with reports coming from the USA, Canada, and more. 

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Image Credit: Twitter/ Screenshot


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