Man caresses random woman thinking it's his wife

Man caresses random woman thinking it's his wife

This really was just an innocent but hilarious mistake…

Man caresses woman's arm
TikTok/ Screenshot

You can always trust TikTok to bring you some of the most random and hilarious videos the internet has to offer. 

A recent video went viral after a stranger was caught on camera caressing a woman’s arm at a Tom Jones concert.

The man can be seen holding on to the woman’s arm, caressing it while the song ‘Sexbomb’ is being performed on stage. 

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The woman has the most hilarious facial expression as he holds her arm but holds back the urge to tell the man as she realises he thinks she is his wife. 

TikTokker Eryn Gibbs posted the viral video saying, “This man thought my auntie was his wife, and we just let it happen.” 

@eryngibbs_ the song and the clicks just add to it😭 #tomjonescardiff #fyp #viral ♬ original sound - Eryn

Only after a few seconds, when the man tries to talk to his wife, standing next to the woman, he realises he’s been holding on to the wrong woman. 

They both chuckle over the situation as the man moves on to his wife, who did not notice a thing.

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The video has managed to garner over 5-million likes and 50-million views. 

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