Marelize is a pro after taking on the #OffTheBeatnTrack 5km trail

Marelize is a pro after taking on the #OffTheBeatnTrack 5km trail

The video of 'My f** Marelize' crashing her bicycle into a rugby pole has spread like wildfire across South Africa, but how did she fare at #OffTheBeatnTrack?

It's safe to say, she's a pro-cyclist after taking the #OffTheBeatnTrack 5km trail.
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After her accident, Breakfast with Martin Bester surprised Marelize on air by giving her an airplane ticket, courtesy of British Airways, operated by Comair, to join us for Off the Beat 'n Track

Martin also surprised her with her own mountain bike for #OffTheBeatnTrack. 

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When she heard the news that she would be cycling at #OffTheBeatnTrack, she got herself a coach and trained really hard. 

She was excited to race but was also very nervous. She fell down a few times, but she did not give up.

The path was quite narrow. In fact, she told fans that her hips were wider than the path!

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