Martin Bester’s bad service delivery experience

Martin Bester’s bad service delivery experience

Have you ever walked away from a business with a bad taste in your mouth?

Martin Bester car service
Martin Bester car service experience/Breakfast with Martin Bester

Martin Bester did and he is definitely willing to tell his story!

We’ve all had this experience, you’re dressed in plain clothes and walk into a store and no one attends to you, because they automatically assume you have no money to spend.

Even our very own Martin Bester had this experience.

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The staff at a fancy car dealership gave Martin the cold shoulder after he walked on to the floor in clothes that, clearly to the salespeople, didn’t scream money.

Not even a "Hello, sir" was directed to him.

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What is the worst service you’ve ever received at a store? Share your experience with Martin in the comments section below!

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