Martin Bester’s R100 000,00 Secret Sound: List of incorrect guesses

Martin Bester’s R100 000,00 Secret Sound: List of incorrect guesses

Have you entered Martin Bester’s R100k secret sound competition? 

R100k secret sound image

What would you do with R100,000? 

Well, Breakfast with Martin Bester is giving you the opportunity to pocket the cash in the 'Secret Sound'. 

With so many guesses already sent in through SMS on 37942, none of them have been the correct answer... yet. 

Do you think you know what the sound below is?

To enter, SMS 'Secret', your name, and what you think it is to 37942. SMSs are charged at R1,50. 

To make it a little easier for you, we thought we would list some of the incorrect guesses. Here are the latest incorrect guesses:

Monday, 7 January

Flipping a deck of playing cards

Pepper Grinder


The sound is the sound as you unroll masking tape.


When you use the rope on your wet suit to zip up the zipper when you get dressed for surfing

Zipping closed a suitcase

Tuesday, 8 January


Throwing ice in a cooler box


Opening the Velcro tape of your board shorts


The sound is when you open a tin of dog food


An animal scratching on a wooden surface like outside your door

Wednesday, 9 January



Dog running on laminate floor out the door


Cutting open a sealed 6 pack with a serrated knife



Ice being dispensed from an ice making machine.



Crushing whole peppercorns in a wooden pepper crusher. It must be this I'm very sure


When you pull up your zip


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