New trend: Dads letting their babies suckle on their nipples

New trend: Dads letting their babies suckle on their nipples

Dads claim they sometimes let their babies suckle on their nipples - known as dry nursing.

Daddy and Baby

Dads are trying an unusual trick to try and soothe their babies to get them back to sleep.

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Our technical producer, Willem, tried the new trend on his baby to see her reaction. 

"I read an article online about dry-nursing and thought about it," he told Martin Bester.

He also told Martin that sometimes you get depressed if the mother is not around. 

He confessed to the team that he tried it with his baby girl. "She was a bit disturbed and confused," he said. 

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Lactation consultant, Laura Sayce, said it's a natural reaction from babies.

“Although some men and women may find this both weird and uncomfortable, there is nothing wrong with it," she said. 

Babies have a sucking reflex and will suck on many different things in order to soothe themselves.

Many doctors recommend a clean pinky finger to fathers, but if the baby latches onto the dad’s nipple, so be it.

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