"A nice attitude means a lot more than a donation." – Car guard, Hannelie and Marthinus

"A nice attitude means a lot more than a donation." – Car guards, Hannelie and Marthinus

Hannelie van Staden and her husband Marthinus contacted Breakfast with Martin Bester to tell their story on how they fell on bad times and had to become car guards. 

Hannelie and Marthinus
Source: Jacaranda FM

Due to the pandemic, the family had to look for other alternatives to make a living. 

Hannelie wanted everyone to know, despite the circumstances, how she’s proud of what she is doing and how nasty people can be. 

According to a Business Insider report from 2019, the most commonly noted reasons for tipping car guards include: To gain good quality service in future, to reward quality service, and to gain social approval or to avoid social disapproval. 

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However, not everyone is friendly and some can be mean to car guards - and Hannelie can confirm it. 

Hannelie explained who is mean to her in particular and how much is an acceptable minimum amount to donate. 

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