Niece of elderly lady handcuffed at hospital speaks to Breakfast

Niece of elderly lady handcuffed at hospital speaks to Breakfast

A shocking video was released on social media recently showing an elderly woman being handcuffed to a chair at a hospital. Her niece came in for a chat with Martin Bester to tell all.

Handcuffed Woman In Hospital
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Last week, South Africa was left stunned by the serious neglect and human rights violations suffered by 76-year-old Martha Marais. Marais was found by her family handcuffed to a chair in a state hospital in Mamelodi, Pretoria. 

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Marais' daughter, Stephanie, posted a video of the incident on Facebook. She can be heard shouting: "This is my mother, man. This is not a dog. Is it right for me to come and find my mother like this? Is this right? She is 76 years old, and this is what you are doing to her!"

Marais' niece, Virginia Keppler, joined Martin Bester to explain what happened, and what they saw when they got to the hospital. 

"Her eldest daughter and other family members found her on the floor  being handcuffed after they wanted to visit her," Keppler said. 

Her daughter wanted answers, but the medical staff said that they were busy with a meeting. 

"Doctors, nurses, and security guards saw her on the floor, but there were no answers," Keppler added. 

Keppler also said that they didn't even help to take the cuffs off. 

"She is at home and is seeing a psychologist," Keppler said. 

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