"Only then may you shoot in self-defence"

"Only then may you shoot in self-defence"

Two robbers were killed, and their accomplices injured, when they stormed into a church service in Wierdapark, Centurion on Sunday morning.

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A congregation member, Pieter van der Westhuizen, brother of the rugby hero Joost, fired back with accuracy.

None of the congregants were seriously injured.

Van der Westhuizen's lawyer, Ulrich Roux, said that they’re cooperating with the police investigating the incident, which is still ongoing. 

Van der Westhuizen, a former policeman, apparently drew his own licensed weapon when he saw the assailant’s weapon against the pastor's head.

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When is it okay to shoot at someone through self-defence? 

Roux says, “In order for it to be lawful there must be an attack on you or someone else’s life. However, your actions cannot exceed the bounds of self-defense. It should be proportional to the act towards you.

“We are waiting for the police to complete their investigation. No charges have yet been filed against Pieter (van der Westhuizen). In this specific matter, there was overwhelming evidence that my client acted in self-defense.”

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