Oops! This alcohol-free drink actually contains alcohol

Oops! This alcohol-free drink actually contains alcohol

An alcohol-free cider actually contains alcohol, according to the Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) - and it has caused a stir.


A popular new cider is known for containing no alcohol. However, the Advertising Regulatory Board has found that this beverage is misleading with its message. 

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Savanna recently released an ad featuring a pilot and traffic officer drinking a non-alcoholic Savanna in a bar before going to work.

According to complaints, this ad is misleading because the ad says 'not for sale to persons under 18' and it can still make you a bit drunk.

According to News24, Savanna said an average person would need to drink about 20.3 litres of its so-called non-alcoholic drink to exceed the legal alcohol limit for driving. Any drink containing less than 0.5% alcohol is considered “non-alcoholic” by law.

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