People who prefer voice notes share these personality traits

People who prefer voice notes share these personality traits

Do you prefer sending voice notes or sending text messages?


Everyone has their own preference when it comes to sending voice notes or sending typed messages.

Of course, it depends on the situation and where you are, whether you send a voice note or message, but some people prefer one or the other in general.

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According to Hack Spirit, these people who prefer voice notes have certain unique traits.

Here are the nine traits people who prefer sending voice notes share:

1. They value personal touch.

2. They are efficient communicators.

3. They are good listeners.

4. They are patient communicators.

5. They’re confident speakers.

6. They value intimacy in conversations.

7. They are not afraid of being authentic.

8. They’re adaptable communicators.

9. They are emotionally expressive.

What do you prefer to do when communicating?

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