PJ Powers and Tygerberg Children’s Choir: “World in Union” tribute

PJ Powers and Tygerberg Children’s Choir: “World in Union” tribute

The video is a tribute to Covid-19 essential workers and to public efforts worldwide.

PJ Powers World in Union

The Suidooster Festival in Cape Town would have concluded its 17th annual run as Cape Town’s number one inner-city arts festival on 3 May 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions on public gatherings, the festival had to be postponed.


One of the main shows scheduled on the 2020 festival program, would have featured PJ Powers and her band, performing with the Tygerberg Children’s Choir. The line-up would have been supported by various community choirs for a special, once-off mass choir extravaganza in the Artscape Opera House.


Due to the postponement, the festival organisers embarked on a collaboration with producers Vicky Davis and Schalk Joubert from Cape Town Music Academy (CTMA). The result: a music video of PJ Powers’ Rugby World Cup hit song, “World in Union”.

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The video pays homage to essential workers’ global efforts against Covid-19. It also honours citizens’ disciplined isolation efforts and adherence to lockdown regulations during these challenging times. 


Audio and footage were recorded during lockdown while all artists were self-isolating at home. 


They include PJ and her band members, Tigger Reunert, Schalk Joubert, Kevin Gibson, Lolo Rollins, and Donveno Prins, as well as the 35 choir members. 

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The song played on Breakfast with Martin Bester for the first time on 25 May 2020. 

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