Popular scams to be aware of

Popular scams to be aware of

Fake news and scams are constantly doing the rounds on social media.

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It does not matter who you are, it is important to never let your guard down when on the internet.

Breakfast with Martin Bester wanted to let listeners know that some scams could sound very legitimate, but it is purely to gain money from the victim of a scam.

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Carla Mackenzie shared with Martin Bester how she almost got scammed over the weekend.

A stranger called her, saying he is from the Kruger National Park area (where Carla visited for her birthday this year) and said he wrongfully deposited R1,700 via e-wallet and would like it to be reversed.

If Carla had to send money back to the scammer through e-wallet, she would have realised the money he said he sent was never in her account to begin with. 

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