Woolworths in hot water for camera in changing room

Woolworths in hot water for camera in changing room

Have you ever felt your privacy is invaded? It is definitely the one thing many people feel uncomfortable with. 

Woolworths in Durban
Woolworths in Durban/Facebook

A Woolworths shopper has caused a stir with a Facebook post on 11 November. She said, ”Hey Woolworths, what’s up with the cameras in the fitting rooms of your Pavilion Shopping Centre store? Are you usually in the business of invading the privacy of your customers?”

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Many upset shoppers commented on the post hoping to get an answer from fellow shoppers. 

Woolworths responded to the initial post by saying, ”Hi again, Sonal. We have had extensive discussions with the relevant stakeholders in the business and confirm that the cameras in the fitting room is according to our specification, which is that it be fixed and only focuses on the entrance to the fitting rooms in order to review process. We have investigated with the stores and can assure you that these cameras are installed in such a way that it is not at all possible to see into the fitting room cubicles and it is not a rotating camera.”

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Would you be comfortable with a camera in a fitting room even though it does not face inside the room?

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