Refresh your wardrobe with these key style items

Refresh your wardrobe with these key style items

Are you a parent and struggling to decide what to wear on the morning school run? 

Madeline Rossouw
Source: Jacaranda FM

Children are back at school and it is back to a mad dash in the morning. 

Balance can be tricky during life continuing during a pandemic, especially when having to pick outfits in the morning. 

Parents are often more in need of a dress code than their kids.

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Breakfast with Martin Bester decided to help adults to look the part while still being comfortable! 

Master wardrobe planner, Madeline Rossouw, joined us in studio. She is an expert at wardrobe planning, organising, and styling.  

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Madeline is helping us help moms who are feeling overwhelmed as a result of the pandemic to spruce up their wardrobes, work with what they have, and, importantly, give advice on what to wear on the early morning school run! 

Invest in the good basics for your wardrobe. Wearing these or a combination of these or pairing some of these items with others, will make you look good:

1. A thin jacket in a neutral colour

2. A thin leather or pleather jacket

3, 4 & 5. The denim trio: Great jeans, a denim shirt, denim jacket

6. A white button shirt that fits properly

7 & 8. A blazer in a neutral colour and classic slim pants

9. A cardigan

10. A really great fitting, good quality tshirt in white and/ or black

11. Black/ grey jeans

12. White sneakers

13. Tan loafers/ sandals

14. A leather belt

15. A loose fitting, good black dress

Lastly, wash your face and do a tinted moisturiser, mascara and lip-ice. 

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