Restaurant chain Spur reveals a huge surprise!

Restaurant chain Spur reveals a huge surprise!

For over five decades, Spur Steak Ranches has been committed to meeting the changing needs of its customers and on Friday, 1 September, the restaurant chain giant shared some huge news.

Spur New Logo Blue

Spur’s iconic restaurants are getting a refreshed look, promising new experiences, and allowing for even greater moments of joy. 

The new brand concept will be showcased at a pilot site in the Vaal Mall, Vanderbijlpark on 1 September 2023, marking the start of a new era for Spur.

New Spur logo

Chief Marketing Officer for the Spur Corporation, Vuyo Henda, comments: “Spur has always celebrated family by being welcoming, generous, inclusive and a place for celebration. The brand is now bolder, brighter, and more adventurous, offering more features, greater comfort with a space that is designed to reflect the vibrance and diversity of South African families.”

When Spur Steak Ranches opened its first store in 1967, there was a vision: to create a new kind of restaurant; one in which kids weren’t only welcomed, but celebrated. Above all, it was a vision of becoming the number one restaurant destination for South African families; a place with new rules, where sticky fingers were the sign of a meal well savoured and where spills were part of the thrills. 

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This winning concept has grown into a 304-store casual dining franchise chain in South Africa with an additional 30 restaurants on the rest of the continent. Today, a trip to Spur is synonymous with fun and joy. This month, ahead of its 56th anniversary, Spur is making South Africa’s happy place an even brighter, happier place to be.

The brand’s well-known icon, the chief, has been refined with an eye-catching, stylised look. The striking shapes and vivid colours allow Spur to stand out across all touch points. The introduction of a visual language reflects the dynamism of the times and evokes a refreshing contemporary feel. These visual changes, along with a streamlined, bolder, logo typeface, will enliven the brand not just in restaurants but also in communications, enhancing its digital presence.

“The market is rapidly evolving and with consumer-led insights we are ensuring that our most valuable franchise asset, Spur, keeps up with consumer’s needs, especially our next generation of young families,” says CEO Val Nichas. “Our deep commitment to our customers is unwavering. The value that Spur Steak Ranches brings to its customers won’t change, it will just get better. The warm welcome, the joyful atmosphere, the great tasting quality food, and the super-friendly staff remain but now with an elevated experience.”

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The new-look pilot restaurant at the Vaal Mall will showcase several exciting features. A central dining space with comfortable booth seating and refreshed decor will provide a warm and inviting ambiance. In addition, a more adult-focused area for those smaller, intimate occasions will also be introduced. The kids in the Secret Tribe can anticipate a refreshed play experience. The revamped play area features a unique theme, designed to deliver an immersive adventure that cannot be missed.

“More than ever, we are celebrating the joy of family; the whole family, every family, the South African family,” says Henda. “We know our customers have a taste for life so within the welcoming embrace of our well-loved brand, there will be new things to see, new spaces to experience and new adventures to be had. As always, we want to be part of all those special moments in their lives: the celebrations, the birthdays, the first dates, the work events, the match won, the game lost, the farewells and everything in-between.

“Spur is about more than just good food and good value; it’s an experience. And now the Spur experience will be better than ever.” 

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