Restrictions during lockdown: Here are the latest changes

Restrictions during lockdown: Here are the latest changes

Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma says there will be a gradual lifting of lockdown regulations.

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Dlamini-Zuma  was speaking at a briefing of the national command council on Covid-19 in Pretoria on Tuesday, where several amendments to the lockdown regulations were also announced.

Dlamini-Zuma said South Africans should expect weekly announcements as the government starts phasing in some industries that are prohibited from operating. 

Here are some of the rules which changed.

Fishermen in small coastal villages selling their fish can continue their operations, but the sale of cooked food is still not allowed.

Builders Warehouse’s ‘Our Get It Done’ app is able to help with emergency plumbing and electrical services. They operate for on-demand electrical and plumbing emergencies only. All non-essential categories will resume in due course. 

Transport or sale of alcohol for personal use is still prohibited but alcohol may be transported for commercial purposes such as in disinfectants. Non-essential goods that accumulate in ports because they could not be exported can now be exported to make room in ports for essential goods.

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 Children who have divorced parents and share custody rights and move around between the two parents must have a court order or documents from the family attorney, but may be absent from the birth certificate that links both parents to the child Enterprises that can re-open vehicles for essential services 

Electoral Commission officials can move around.

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