Russians react to South Africans eating ‘Russians’

Russians react to South Africans eating ‘Russians’

You'll want to see the video of a confused Russian man! 

Russians reacts to South Africans eating ‘Russians’
Source: YouTube video/karabo Moyaha

South Africans pride themselves on their traditional foods. If you attend a South African ‘braai’ or get-together, you will most likely be offered braaibroodjies, potjiekos or pap!  

Kotas, Gatsbys, chip rolls, and Russians can be added to the list of foods that locals seem to love!

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However, a Russian vlogger was shocked when he found out South Africans eat ‘Russians'. 

In the video, you can hear the South African ad says, “I chop them in half, and I deep fry them”. 

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@lingsss_m said on Twitter: “Just ran across a Russian vlogger’s video reacting to how South Africans call sausages “Russians”. This is so hilarious; doesn’t he know we call sausages like that?

Watch the video below!

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Image credit: YouTube video/Karabo Moyaha

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