South African student speaks after fleeing the Ukraine

South African student speaks after fleeing the Ukraine

South African medical student Mandisa Malindisa fled Ukraine and returned home after the deadly conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 

Mandisa Malindisa
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After travelling for four days, sleeping on icy roads, and negotiating crowds on numerous train platforms and station platforms, South African Mandisa Sthabile Malindisa (25) made it to Budapest airport in Hungary to catch a flight to Johannesburg. 

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As a result, she feels guilty that she escaped while others are still trapped in Ukraine.

"It was real. It was so loud. You feel the ground shaking."

While finding her own way and making her own plans with little help from any authorities, Malindisa also experienced and witnessed racial discrimination against Africans and Asians, which has been widely reported on.

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“They were only allowing Ukrainians and people of European descent. They literally said: ‘We’re not taking Africans’, so the Indians said they’re not from Africa."

"When the train came people went crazy. Men did not care. People even had weapons."

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Part Four of this morning's chilling interview deals with whether Mandisa would ever go back to the Ukraine again. Listen below.

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