This scarf makes you invisible when taking a picture

This scarf makes you invisible when taking a picture

Have you ever wanted to disappear from the world and not let anyone take pictures of you?

Ishu scarf
Source: Instagram/@whatstheishu

There’s a new invention and celebrities are using it to shy away from paparazzi!

‘Ishu’ is the company who invented the scarf and they proudly say and believe that, “At ISHU, we believe we have the opportunity to use our knowledge and understanding of solar power to help people transform their lives, through protection from digital privacy intrusion to clever solar solutions. We use light in innovative ways to produce clothing and accessories that are stylish and functional.”

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The scarf is designed with anti-flash technology.

It is meticulously designed to be the perfect accessory for all occasions! 

The scarf costs around R4,700!

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Celebrities like Trevor Noah have endorsed this scarf and it is real! 

Check out the video below.

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Image credit: Instagram/@whatstheishu

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