Share the love with Breakfast with Martin Bester and Times Square Casino

Share the love with Breakfast with Martin Bester and Time Square Casino

Have you had COVID-19 and a healthcare worker made your journey easier? We want to reward them!

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South Africa is rapidly moving to protect its highly valued healthcare workers. Less than a week after the country launched its vaccination programme against COVID-19, more than 10,000 healthcare workers in SA have been vaccinated.

However, it has been a gruelling year for essential workers, especially in the medical field. They are experiencing long hours and a constant risk of being infected with the COVID-19 virus. 

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If you’re a COVID-19 survivor – we’re asking you to share the name of the nurse, doctor or essential worker that made your journey easier so that we can reward then with a special TLC package thanks to Time Square Casino and Breakfast with Martin Bester! 

Send us a WhatsApp to 084 8500 942, using the hashtag #ShareTheLove, and share your story of hope and health where a healthcare worker played a big part in your recovery. 

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