Share the love with Breakfast with Martin Bester and Times Square Casino

Share the love with Breakfast with Martin Bester and Time Square Casino

Have you had COVID-19 and a healthcare worker made your journey easier? We want to reward them!

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South Africa is rapidly moving to protect its highly valued healthcare workers. Less than a week after the country launched its vaccination programme against COVID-19, more than 10,000 healthcare workers in SA have been vaccinated.

However, it has been a gruelling year for essential workers, especially in the medical field. They are experiencing long hours and a constant risk of being infected with the COVID-19 virus. 

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If you’re a COVID-19 survivor – we’re asking you to share the name of the nurse, doctor or essential worker that made your journey easier so that we can reward then with a special TLC package thanks to Time Square Casino and Breakfast with Martin Bester! 

Send us a WhatsApp to 084 8500 942, using the hashtag #ShareTheLove, and share your story of hope and health where a healthcare worker played a big part in your recovery. 

Martin Bester speaks to Scenic Drive traffic presenter who sadly lost her mother two weeks ago. Philicity was so impressed by the dedicated nurses and doctors working hard in the government sector. She nominated Dr. Reaboana Megalane of South Rand hospital.

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