Should school uniforms be scrapped in South Africa?

Should school uniforms be scrapped in South Africa?

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga has warned that the removal of school uniforms would only serve to highlight inequality among pupils. 

Martin Bester at St Andrew's School for Girls
Martin Bester at St Andrew's School for Girls/Supplied

[Photo was taken before March 2020]

Motshekga made the remarks during the launch of the school governing body (SGB) elections at Abram Hlophe Primary School in Katlehong on Monday. 

"I think anybody who comes from a poor background like ourselves, or from a township, they will tell you the value of school uniform.”

Motshekga believes school uniforms are a social equaliser. 

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This comes after the Competition Commission published a circular towards the end of 2020, aimed at curbing anti-competitive procurement practices at schools.

Breakfast with Martin Bester had opposing views on school uniforms. 

Martin Bester believes school uniforms creates a false sense of security, as most people don’t wear uniforms after finishing school.

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Liesl Laurie grew up in Eldorado Park and believes that if children do not wear uniforms at school, the economic divide will be noticed and it can lead to bullying. 

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