Singer Jody Williams admits 'Idols' ruined her life

Singer Jody Williams admits 'Idols' ruined her life

Former 'Idols' winner Jody Williams has admitted that the show saw her life take a very different journey to the one she had planned. 

Jody Williams
Facebook / Jody Williams

Jody Williams was one of the youngest 'Idols' winners in South Africa, but things did not turn out the way she planned. 

After her win in 2007, it caused a massive rift in her family. People who managed her career at the time also ripped her off big time, she said.

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Shortly after her win, she bought her parents a very expensive house in Durbanville. 

Gigs were not coming in and Williams struggled financially.  

"I wish that we only had a life coach and financial advisor back when I won Idols, I think things would have been so much different," Williams told The Daily Voice

Williams is now a receptionist and is happy with her life. 

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