Soldier and spinner Tina Rossouw is in the fast lane to success

Soldier and spinner Tina Rossouw is in the fast lane to success

The exciting Red Bull Shay’ iMoto hits Joburg again this weekend!

Tina Rossouw one
Credit: Red Bull/Craig Kolesky

Mzansi’s high-profile spinners go head-to-head once again on Saturday, 19 September 2020, in a battle to be crowned the 2020 Red Bull Shay’ iMoto Champion. 

Spinners, including last year’s winner Vernon “Veejaro” Hendricks, the “soldier girl” Tina Roussouw and Limpopo’s King Katra, will be among the drivers showcasing their skills. The top 10 drivers will go up against each other online on Friday, 18 September, where the audience can vote for their favourite spinner to make it into the LIVE show on Saturday, 19 September. Only the top 8 will proceed to the main event. 

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Breakfast with Martin Bester caught up with spinner Tina Rossouw. She is also a soldier (SANDF) originally from Cape Town but has called Pretoria her home since 2016. 

Make sure you don’t miss all the controlled chaos as the spinners will be bringing out their fastest BMW gusheshes to thrill the judges and online audience! 

Info on the exciting event

Tine Rossouw three
Tina Rossouw two
Red Bull/Craig Kolesky

Voting mechanics:

10 invited athletes will compete in a head to head style battle format.

The 10 athletes will go head to head in an online voting forum in order to decide the 8 athletes who will move forward to the LIVE show. 

Round 1 will go live 18 September: 10 videos will be uploaded to and will be live for fans to vote for their favourite.

Voting will be live and athletes will be able to see where they are seeded.

The top 8 will go through to the LIVE show.

The order of the votes will decide the seeding of the competition.

Round 2 will be broadcast live across RBTV, Facebook, Youtube and IOL.

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