South African airline forced to make emergency landing

South African airline forced to make emergency landing

One of the things people hate most is turbulence. However, could this scare you more?

Airplane window
Airplane window/Pixabay

The FlySafair flight FA102 had a technological problem quickly after lift off.

The aircraft was considered to be over its allowed touchdown weight which meant they were not allowed to land in Johannesburg.

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Many travelers took to Twitter to share their experiences. Some were extremely grateful for the way the crew handled the situation.

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Flysafair released a statement after the Johannesburg bound flight had to turn back to Cape Town.

'FlySafair regrets to confirm that flight FA102 from Cape Town to Johannesburg had to return to Cape Town due to a minor technical issue.

Flight FA 102 departed Cape Town for Johannesburg at 17:32, 3 min ahead of the scheduled departure time.

After take-off, the flight crew received an indication that there may be a technical issue with one of the aircraft systems. As a precautionary measure, the crew decided to return to Cape Town to further investigate on the ground.

Unfortunately, the aircraft was in excess of the maximum landing weight permitted for a Boeing 737-400, so the crew was forced to maintain a holding pattern above Robin Island to burn off excess fuel so as to be light enough to land safely. Boeing 737-400 aircraft cannot dump fuel.'

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