Squirrel drunk on fermented pears has everyone smiling

Squirrel drunk on fermented pears has everyone smiling

A squirrel started the festive season too early after eating fermented pears.

Squirrel drunk
Source: YouTube video - PiggyGirl2010

Katy Morlok from Minnesota found a few pears in her fridge. As she could not eat the fruits anymore, she thought it is best to leave the pears outside for the neighbourhood squirrels.  

The one squirrel, ‘Little Red’, enjoyed the fruit so much that Katy decided to put out some more. However, after a few minutes, ‘Little Red’ started swaying back and forth. Katy then realised the pears are over their expiry date and started the fermentation process, leaving the squirrel drunk!  

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The video has been viewed more than 300,000 times! 

The squirrel came back to the feeder the next morning and was fine!

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