#StayAtHomeLive: André Schwartz performs ‘Die Pad’ from his farm

#StayAtHomeLive: André Schwartz performs ‘Die Pad’ from his farm

André Schwartz performed a beautiful version of ‘Die Pad’ from his farm on Tuesday morning! 

Andre Breakfast
Andre Schwartz/Facebook

The musician joined Breakfast with Martin Bester telephonically to talk about life in lockdown. 

'Health wise I’m doing exceptionally well! I inherited a piano from a friend and it is now more alive than ever', Schwartz said joyfully. He stays on a farm in the Cradle of Humankind. One of his companions on the farm during lockdown is a piglet!

Before his performance of 'Die Pad' Schwartz shared inspirational words, 'We’re all on this journey we’re uncertain of but we will get up. You will rise up especially if you believe, trust and hope.'

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'We miss being on the stage and doing what we’re made to do so thank you for this platform, Martin.'


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