#StayAtHomeLive: Roan Ash performs 'Whiskey To My Soul' from home

#StayAtHomeLive: Roan Ash performs 'Whiskey To My Soul' from home

Roan Ash performed 'Whiskey To My Soul' from his home for #StayAtHomeLive!

Roan Ash

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Breakfast with Martin Bester decided that artists can perform live for Friday Live from home to ensure that they are safe during this pandemic.

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On Monday, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a lockdown. All South Africans must now stay in their homes for 21 days from Thursday at midnight.

Breakfast with Martin Bester came up with the idea to invite artists to the show to perform for YOU - live from their homes.

Roan Ash joined Breakfast with Martin Bester telephonically to perform 'Whiskey To My Soul'.

Roan said: "I know it is troubling times, and our industry is taking a lot of blows. I would like to encourage everyone to keep on supporting and the artists to keep the faith, and keep on creating. My heart goes out to everyone."

Today he showed his support on Breakfast with Martin Bester to all the musicians who cannot work by performing a #StayAtHomeLive song.

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