SuperSport reveals the latest regarding Ashwin Willemse investigation

SuperSport reveals the latest regarding Ashwin Willemse investigation

SuperSport says a meeting between Ashwin Willemse, Nick Mallet, and Naas Botha took place on Monday.

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Company management met with the three rugby studio analysts on Monday after Willemse walked off set during a live TV broadcast on Saturday.

Speaking to Martin Bester, SuperSport communications manager Clinton van Den Berg says it was a fruitful meeting.

 Nick Mallet, Naas Botha, and Ashwin Willemse met separately with management and as a group.

Martin Bester asked if Willemse had any regrets about his decision to walk off set.

“He is a strong willed guy with strong beliefs. I didn’t sense any regret,” Van den Berg said.

Martin Bester asked Clinton if he could describe the tone of the meeting. Clinton said: “It was interesting. There certainly wasn’t any tension. A lot of talking happened. But it was very cordial and very helpful to try and understand. There were apologies, emotions, and regrets.”

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SuperSport will follow due process and they are mindful of the public’s opinion.

It remains unclear what led to Willemse walking off set, however he had accused his colleagues of being patronising on air. 

Willemse also recalled being called a quota player.

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