Ten things you did not know about Japan

Ten things you did not know about Japan

Japan is on everybody’s lips and there are a few interesting things we did not know! 

Elma Smit Japan
Instagram / Elma Smit

Sports presenter, Elma Smit is visiting Japan for the 2019 Rugby World Cup and there are a few things we are surprised about!

1.   Most people in Japan smokes and Elma Smit can attest to that!

2.   People still use a lot of flip phones.

3.   Some bars are only reserved for Japanese people

4.   The subways are always quiet unless it’s late and people had a few drinks

5.   For the Japanese, sushi is a finger food and usually are not eaten with chopsticks.

6.   Fax machines are still a thing in Japan!

7.   You don’t have to hesitate to ask for help

8.   The Japanese enjoys a few drinks after work!

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