These are the four items criminals are after

These are the four items criminals are after

There are apparently four items that criminals eye the most in South African homes.

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South African security service, Fidelity ADT, has revealed the four items that criminals are most likely to go after in South African homes.

According to Business Tech, the security company has issued numerous alerts after receiving reports indicating a trend of criminals entering yards and jumping over fences.

The Fidelity alerts warned homeowners that criminals especially target gas bottles, gate motors, tyres, and rims.

Although this trend has specifically been picked up in Ballito and Stanger, with several reported incidents in the Glen Hills area, other areas across South Africa are also being targeted.

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In Gauteng, the theft of gate motors has been especially noted.

Gate motors are either stripped down and parts are sold individually, or they are sold as complete units to unsuspecting homeowners.

Once criminals are able to take a gate motor or deactivate a home's gate, they also have access to the rest of the property.  

This is when they also typically walk away with gas bottles (of all sizes), as well as tyres and rims.

"Within the Fidelity ADT footprint, there is a growing trend where suspects are stealing tyres from cars parked in yards during the night. The suspects sneak in, remove the tyres, throw them over the wall, and leave," Fidelity ADT said.

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Fidelity ADT also warned homeowners that criminals scout the area before choosing their target.

"This is not a random act. We urge all residents not to become complacent about their perimeter security," the group said.

"Residents are urged to remain vigilant and not to leave anything to chance. If you see anything suspicious in or around your neighbourhood, report it immediately to your private security company and local SAPS."

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