Tinder date goes horribly wrong for South African woman

Tinder date goes horribly wrong for South African woman

A lot of us have tried the dating app thing, but sometimes it didn't work out as we had hoped it would.

Swearing off love

A South African woman went through a terrible experience with an online date and she has been vigilant since. She shared her story with W24.

She met a man on Tinder and they went for coffee at a public mall. The coffee date went really well, and they frequently chatted after that.

After the coffee date, they decided to go out for dinner. 

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She arrived at the restaurant and waited for him to arrive. When he arrived, he was visibly under the influence. While they were having dinner, he had more alcohol. 

When it was time to pay the bill, he disappeared for about 20 to 30 minutes. She found him having a screaming match with the manager. She asked the manager what was happening, and he told her that her date did not have money to pay the bill, so he was trying to sell his cell phone to the manager instead.

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Embarrassing, right?

Then he tried drunkenly to kiss her.

She left the restaurant and never saw him again...

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