Tshwane Mayor warns against speculation about cholera outbreak

Tshwane Mayor warns against speculation about cholera outbreak

Breakfast with Martin Bester spoke to Tshwane Mayor Cilliers Brink about the current cholera outbreak in the Hammanskraal area.

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According to Jacaranda FM News, an outbreak of cholera has killed at least 15 people near South Africa's capital of Pretoria.

The decade-long water contamination issue in the area has now been placed at the centre of a cholera outbreak that’s claimed at least 15 lives.  

Health authorities are urging the public to be "extra vigilant".

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According to Tshwane Mayor Cilliers Brink, they received preliminary tests confirming that there is no cholera in the Temba and Hammanskraal pipeline.   

“We are, however, awaiting other tests coming from water tankers as the test conducted were preliminary.” 

He also warned people against assumptions about the outbreak, saying there could’ve been many causes for the cholera outbreak. 

Furthermore, he told Breakfast with Martin Bester that he met with the Minister of Water to discuss a solution to the water crisis in Tshwane. 

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“I met with the Minister of Water about Rooivaal, and we have to set our differences aside and will work together to solve the current issues.” 

After Breakfast with Martin Bester’s discussion with the Minister of Health’s spokesperson, Brink said: “I’ve learned to be careful of spokespeople as many claims are being made about the current water supply.”

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