Warning signs: Is your partner micro-cheating?

Warning signs: Is your partner micro-cheating?

Should you be concerned when you spot any of these signs in a relationship?

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Generally, it is a lot easier to identify when your partner is cheating when you can see evidence, like suggestive texts and meet-ups or anything physical.

However, what about the things that are more subtle like winking, being friends with an ex or even making a dating profile online to ‘see how many likes you get’?

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Relationship experts have all agreed that there are common ways of micro-cheating that you might not be aware of.

1.     Flirty messages

2.     Stalking your crush on social media

3.     Playfully winking at someone 

Have you experienced any of these in your relationship? Breakfast with Martin Bester listeners had a lot to say about this topic! 

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