Weirdest myths our parents told us as kids

Weirdest myths our parents told us as kids

Parents are really just out here lying to their children…

Weirdest myths people tell their children

"If you eat before you swim, you'll drown," a famous myth we all know too well.

Growing up, most of us experienced our parents telling us all kinds of weird things that we never really understood but fully believed. 

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To make matters worse, some of us are now parents, and we’re doing the same thing! 

Through the generations, parents have told their children certain myths to protect them, instil fear or just because they think it's hilarious. 

Breakfast with Martin Bester asked our listeners to share some of the absurd myths their parents told them when they were little. 

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Here are some of the most hilarious responses:

"If you swallow fruit pits, they'll grow in your ears."

"That hadidas birds make Hahaaaaaa because they are afraid of heights."

"If I don't comb my hair, a bat will make a nest in it."

"If you eat while laying down, you will grow horns."

"That you will get sick when you walk around with wet hair..."

"As jy teveel tv kyk, gaan jou oë in blokkies verander." 

"When the ice-cream truck plays its jingle, it means the ice-cream is finished." 

"As jy kougom insluk gaan jou derms knoop."

"As jy le en eet gaan jy horings kry."

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