What does your email signature say about you?

What does your email signature say about you?

Workplace communication is mostly done through Skype, daily reports, assigning tasks, and sending a lot of emails...


An email is a convenient form of communication. Be it work from home or office work; email communication is one of the most efficient and quick ways of getting in touch with people.

However, how a person writes an email can say a lot about their personality.

Some of the standard email signatures and their indications include:

Thank you, Thanks

The typical ‘thank you’ email signature indicates that the person is courteous, thoughtful, and conscious of being at their polite self.


If a person uses “cheers” to sign off on emails, the person can be considered a relaxed, comfortable, and confident person in communications.


‘Regards’ is the most common email sign-off used by people! It is neither too formal nor too laidback, and it is adequate and precisely proper. 


People don’t often use this email signature and it is known to be slightly outdated.
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