What is Monkeypox? Professor Helen Rees explains

What is Monkeypox? Professor Helen Rees explains

Professor Helen Rees discusses the current spread of Monkeypox. What does this mean for South Africa? 

Professor Helen rees

The NICD (National Institute for Communicable Diseases) has confirmed that there are currently no cases of Monkeypox in South Africa. 

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Professor Helen Rees is a member of the WHO Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on Infectious Hazards with Pandemic and Epidemic Potential (STAG-IH). 

In a press release sent to Jacaranda FM, professor Rees confirms that there are currently no confirmed cases of Monkeypox in South Africa.

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"Professor Rees together with her colleagues are keeping a very close eye on the data with studies currently underway to further understand the epidemiology, sources of infection, and transmission patterns.

"Monkeypox is a disease of global public health importance as it not only affects countries in West and Central Africa but the rest of the world. In May 2022, multiple cases of monkeypox were identified in several non-endemic countries."

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There have been 90 confirmed cases of the rare virus across Europe, North America, and Australia. 

Professor Rees spoke to Martin Bester about the current outbreak.

"We have got cases around the world that we haven't seen before like in African countries.

"It doesn't spread easily like COVID-19. It spreads through small little cuts but it's difficult to catch.

"There is an antiviral drug that has been approved in certain countries."  

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