What is the most irritating sound in the world?
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What is the most irritating sound in the world?

What is that one sound which triggers you and unleashes the beast?


Martin Bester watched a newly-released horror film at the weekend – a movie which is causing cinema-goers to leave their popcorn untouched out of fear!

The plot of the critically-acclaimed film ‘A Quiet Place’ is about a family who must live in silence while hiding from creature-like beings which hunt by using sound detection.

What a way to live?!

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Talking about sound, some sounds are more irritating than others. It’s a universal phenomenon.

Imagine nails on a chalkboard. A high-pitched scream. A dripping tap in the middle of the night. Awful!

With that in mind, take a listen to the most annoying sounds in the world:

Can you add to the list?

Let Martin Bester know by commenting below.

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